Festival Contest
golden turtle

The acceptance of works for the GOLDEN TURTLE Contest has ended. A record number of photographs from a record number of photographers were accepted into the Photo Contest

In 2024 3,716 authors from 109 countries sent 14,468 works to the GOLDEN TURTLE International Contest. The geography has expanded adding Gambia, Mauritania, Eritrea, Cook Islands. This year the authors from China (500 people), India (291 people), Iran (220 people), Mexico (90 people) and France (87 people) were the most active in submitting artworks. A record number of photographers, 2,365 people from 87 countries of the world, took part in the Photo Contest. In total, photographers sent record 11,506 photographs to the contest. The most popular nominations among the participants were "Animals in the Environment", "Landscape" and "The Portrait of the Animal". Eco-poster Contest was attended by 831 designers from 70 countries of the world. Participants submitted a total of 1,901 posters to the competition. Among the countries in terms of the number of authors, China again took the first place - 315 designers. The Art Contest was attended by 520 artists from 41 countries. In total, artists sent 1,061 works to the contest. The leading positions in terms of the number of participating artists are traditionally occupied by Russia and Asia countries.

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