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Animals in the Environment

In this nomination, photos shall reflect the unity of the animal and its environment in the artistic and biological aspects. The photos shall be evaluated as an integral composition created by the nature and captured by the photographer.

The Portrait of the Animal

Photos of any wild animals in close-up. In this nomination, the basic criteria shall be successful imaging of the animal’s character and “soul” through its emotions, eyes expression, pose, pace.

Animal Behaviour

Photos of wild animals (beasts, birds, amphibians, etc.) in their natural freedom. In this nomination, the uniqueness of photo is a priority. The photograph shall show a point of interest in the animal’s life. Dynamic, emotional, eye-catching and original frames are welcome.


Photos of representatives of the micro world (insects, spiders, invertebrates, small underwater animals) in their natural living environments. Images of subjects at any time of their life, interaction with other animals, species and the environment are welcome. In this nomination, the harmony and the artistic merit of the entire composition is a priority.

The underwater world

In this nomination, images taken underwater shall be accepted. A competition work shall show the freshness of the composition, the complexity of obtaining the frame, the drama. Photographs illustrating the uniqueness and the immensity of underwater ecosystems are welcome.

Art and Nature's Image

In this nomination, the principal value shall be the light, structural and graphic solution of the entire composition as a whole. Photos showing animals, plants and mushrooms are welcome.


The nomination includes landscape photographs showing the beauty and the harmony of wildlife. Photographs shall not show any noticeable man made interference. Works shall be evaluated by the degree of their artistic merit and compositional perfection. The geographical position of the shooting point and the landscape type are not considered.

Magic of Plants

The nomination implies a reflection of beauty in the world of plants, in their wild environment and diversity. The emphasis is on a sophisticated, thoughtful composition, noticed in the wild world of plants, which includes mosses, ferns, lichens, trees, mushrooms. Original frames that display objects in an unusual perspective and at the same time demonstrate the beauty of the wild are especially welcome.

Humans and nature

This is a photojournalism nomination. In this nomination, photographs shall be accepted that show any interaction of wildlife and humans, such as: working in wildlife reserves; animals and people in zoos; people preserving wildlife; negative human impact on the environment. Frames advocating violence shall not be accepted to participate in the competition.

Reserved Russia

Photos of endemic and protected animals living exclusively in the wild without any fences, taken in specially protected natural areas of Russia, are accepted for participation in the nomination, with the exception of brown bears (transferred to other nominations).

Mobile Photography

This nomination includes photos taken with mobile devices - phones and tablets. Photos not taken with professional cameras sometimes speak about the photographer's skill, vision and artistic skills better.

Nature through the eyes of youth

This category invites young photographers in the age group 13 to 17 years old to enter their best photographs, irrespective of the themes of the categories.

Nature through the eyes of children

This category invites young photographers in two age groups up to 12 years old to enter their best photographs, irrespective of the themes of the categories.

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