Festival Contest
golden turtle


The enrollment for the Golden Turtle 2018 creative competitions has been officially opened on December 1, 2017 and it will last till May, 31, 2018. This year, the Organizers will add new nominations, giving participants an opportunity to categorize their works more accurately and increase chances of winning.

"In 2017 we have received more than 10,000 works from 2,555 authors from 92 countries. For us it was a great honor and joy to add such a great number of beautiful photographs, drawings and posters to our archive! This year, we want to go further and give more authors the opportunity to share their perspective, to show more unique episodes of animal interaction and even more breathtaking landscapes. At the moment, we are negotiating with a number of new partners, cooperation with which will allow us to add a few more innovative nominations in the near future. I am sure that these high-tech formats will make our interactive Wildlife Festival in 2018 even more interesting and informative for visitors ", - said the President of the Festival Andrei Soukhinine.

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